QUESTION: Can I receive information on how the fee is determined before the proceedings are initiated?

ANSWER: YES, of course. In relation to an agreement on legal assistance we provide information on the main aspects of the expected assistance, as well as, either information on the fee we charge for the service or, if that is impossible, specifications on how the fee will be calculated. In consumer cases, a written quote is sent directly to the client.

QUESTION: How do I find out if I'm able to attain cost recovery of my case?

ANSWER: If litigation, arbitration, tax suit is in place or will take place, we will of our own initiative examine whether you may be able to attain full or partial cost recovery, and we also proceed to attain any such cost recovery on our own initiative, on your behalf. We will request the pertinent documents and information, in regards to this, from you.

QUESTION: How can I find out whether or not it will pay off to initiate the proceedings?

QUESTION: In addition to the evaluations that take place before we open your case, we continuously appraise the development of your case. A case can change course as it progresses. If that happens we will consult you on the consequences and advise you on how far we believe it is viable to carry on, enabling you to make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed. If we do not think it is viable to proceed with your case we will of our own initiative make you aware of it and inform you of any alternatives.